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LightBox Film Printing

We offer premium backlit film printing for lightboxes using high quality Kodak stocks and inks, as well as cold laminating UV film for image enhancement and protection . Our high quality lightbox film printing is used for numerous advertising and informational purposes, mostly paired with our Gamma Series lightboxes. The maximum print size we offer is 1530 x 30,000mm.


Textile fabric printing

We offer wide format digital printing on fabric for our Delta and Epsilon series with the use of high-quality inks and fabrics, ensuring a bright, consistent display. Fabric is a smart option for large-scale displays due to its combination of lightweight portability and durable strength. It is also a lot easier to install and update, it's the perfect medium to be used for full backlit lightboxes as it can produce highly sharp and rich images. The Maximum printing size we can offer is 3000 x 30,000mm.


Glass & Acrylic printing

We can offer premium glass and acrylic printing for our Delta and Epsilon glass & acrylic series lightboxes. Using an industry leading solvent based printing process we can achieve beautiful printed graphics to be paired with our lightboxes for a rugged yet prestigious aesthetic. The maximum print size we can achieve is 3000 x 2000mm in a single panel.