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Spicon Industries is a 100% Australian owned and operated company and has been active in the signage industry for over 25 years as a driving force with innovative ideas and custom illuminated signage solutions. With strict demands of the Australian sign & display markets, Spicon stands out for providing perfectly even and bright backlit illumination for any type of advertising application required.

If you can think of it, we can do it. We invest heavily in new technology and believe that having the right equipment in-house, means a faster, better and more cost-effective product for our customers. We have also carefully created a team of experienced, skilled, enthusiastic and dynamic people, armed with the right industry knowledge to support and assist with any project thrown at us.

At Spicon, we believe in quality workmanship, which we consistently deliver through our experience and our integrity. Spicon’s goals and objectives is to stands out from all other illuminated display firms and uphold a loyal client base. Our objective is to be an example of how to succeed and ultimately become the premier illuminated display & signage firms.

Spicon offer dedicated manufacturing services at a national & international level. We have substantial experience in all facets of commercial manufacture & supply and related works. Our experience in this industry the past 25 years has shown us that the proactive groundwork makes a project run much more efficiently and enables us to accomplish time and budget expectations.

Spicon offers a comprehensive array of services to meet the needs of client’s expectations and goals. We call it Value Engineering. It’s the development of plan and site assessment, determining your expectations and then finding a solution that works best for you and your project. Should we identify areas of improvement that are different from your plan or specification, we will bring it to your attention. With Spicon’s experience in Engineering and Manufacturing, we will give you the insight and guidance you need to ensure successful completion of your project.


From humble beginnings, Spicon was established in 1993, as a father and son signage manufacturing business. Working from their small garage Spiros & Con developed Spicon’s first illuminated sign series with the use of fluorescent tubes. Since then, their illuminated signage has grown more and more popular, and Spicon has grown at the same rate, with new lighting developments and lightbox designs being introduced into the industry, including the invention of the now patented “Linear Matrix Edgelit Lighting System” and its integration into low profile backlit signage. Now Spicon is based in Seaford, Victoria and supplies large companies and brands with highly prestige illuminated signage and solutions.


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