Spicon Illuminated Signs - Linear Matrix - Ultra Slimline Illuminated Signs and Displays
The Art of Edgelit Signage
Introducing Linear Matrix Edgelit Illuminated Signs
- great looking feature packed, state-of-the-art Illuminated signs that not only make your message look great, but make old-fashioned light boxes look ugly, costly and cumbersome.

Being light weight, slim, low power consumption, and producing virtually no heat, Linear Matrix Edgelit signs can be used just about anywhere. What's more, proudly Australian made to your requirements available in indoor or outdoor configurations and from CUSTOM sizes to the massive 3000mm x 1200mm units in single and double sided configurations.

We are not new to this game, with over 15 years of edglit experience, Linear Matrix has become our passion wich show in our product.

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Factory 3/27 Pascal Road, Seaford Victoria, Australia. E: info@spicon.com.au

Registered Trademark symbol indicates that Spicon Industries are the proprietors of the registered trademarks. Linear Matrix - Patent Granted 2003. It is to be understood that the Lighting Display System represents a unique innovation by Spicon Industries and is subject of International Patent Applications granted in Australia, United States of America, Canada and European states. Other Patent Pending.